Friday, October 21, 2011:

Grace addresses what she see’s as a major problem. Political correctness and the media. The current penchant for spinning the news is actually causing more problems that it cures. The media continues to service the political establishment from a kneeling position, spinning the facts in a manner that emboldens the terrorist’s and their supporters. If you are a terrorist and you know nothing will be done to retaliate, because the cowards in the west will pretend the terrorist event never occurred, will that encourage you to cease your murdering and destructive ways?

The following events took place in the united states and have never been properly reported. In april, 2005 firefighters conducting a routine inspection in a brooklyn, new york, supermarket found two hundred automobile airbags, and a room lined with posters of osama bin laden and beheadings in iraq.

The fact that a component in airbags can be used to make pipe bombs was never reported. According to the new york post, the owner of the building was an ex-con who served time in the late 70’s for arson, reckless endangerment, weapons possession and conspiracy.

When an explosion killed fifteen (15) people and injured over one hundred (100) people at an oil refinery in texas city, texas, in march of 2005, the fbi quickly ruled out terrorism. The next day a group calling itself qaeda al-jihad claimed responsibility. Later it was shown that the fbi never visited the blast site, and that the fbi report claiming a single blast was incorrect, there had actually been five (5) explosions at the refinery.

In march of 1994 a muslim named rashid baz shot into a van filled with hasidic boys, killing one. The fbi said it was road rage. In february of 1997, at the empire state building, a muslim named ali abu kamal, killed one tourist and wounded six other before killing himself. What did the future 9/11 hero, rudy giuliani say? Kamal had many enemies in his mind.

On july 4, 2002, hesham mohamed ali hadayet, shot up los angeles international airport. Initially the fbi said it was not terrorism related. After hadayet’s connection to al qaeda surfaced, the fbi changed it’s tune.

The infamous  john muhammad and lee malvo who shot eighteen (18) people and killed ten (10) in the washington, d.c. area were converts to islam. The media insisted on calling john muhammad, by his birth name john william’s, ignoring the muslim conversion. Lee malvo’s ramblings about jihad and drawings of osama bin laden, who malvo referred to as a servant of allah, were essentially ignored.

In august of 2003, in houston, texas, mohammed ali alayed killed a jewish friend named ariel sellouk, after stating that upon converting to islam he felt he needed to serve allah, and what more profound way to do so, than by sacrificing a friend. In november of 1990, el sayyid nosair, a self proclaimed muslim jihadist, murdered meir kahane in new york city. The nypd said it was not a terrorist related crime and was due to the fact that nosair was depressed.

An egyptian co-pilot crashed flight 990 in october of 1999, and was recorded on the black box repeating the phrase, i rely on allah, eleven times as flight 990 headed for the ground nose first, killing 217 people.

The jihadist threat is real. COG’s ignore the truth at their own peril. Grace expressed the opinion that the real problem is not the terrorist’s, or the weak and greedy politicians, or the global elite. In Grace’s opinion the problem is the media elite. Grace points out that once the conversion of COG’s worldwide, into complacent fools, who relinquish their free will voluntarily is complete, the icing on the cake is that history has shown, that the islamist’s final step, will be to silence the media. Perhap’s the old saying, be careful what you wish for, is true after all.

Imagine, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric and Oprah Winfrey, in their burqa’s. There’s a brave new world just around the next corner.

There is much more to come on islam in future Chronicles.

Grace be with you.


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