Friday, October 21, 2011:

NOTE:  I have received a few emails regarding the style I utilize in writing the Chronicle’s, wherein I omit capitalization. Please see the 2nd Chronicle for an explanation of this “intentional” writing style. Grace stated that the issues she presents be afforded proper emphasis and that any and all things, places and living or natural entities should be presented in a manner deferential to the majesty, authority and will of God. Deus Vult.

Grace held out the opinion that COG’s worldwide and especially in the united states are totally unaware of what islam is all about. The current islamic terror plan is nothing new and most certainly nothing recent. In fact radical islam is over a thousand years old.

In 1918 the ottoman empire, the last of the great muslim empires was finally defeated, or so we thought. It’s capital, constantinople was occupied and its leaders held captive. Much of the ottoman empire’s territory was partitioned between the british victors and the french victors.

The empire was divided into three new entities with new names and frontiers. Two of them, iraq and palestine were under british rule and the third, named syria, was under french rule. Later the french divided their area (syria) into two parts calling one lebanon and leaving the remaining portion as syria.

The british followed the lead of the french and divided palestine, creating a division between the two banks of the jordan river. The eastern side was called transjordan, and later became simply jordan. The western side remained as palestine.

It is important to note that the ottoman sovereign was not only a sultan, he was also called the caliph, the head of all sunni islam, and the last in line of a series of rulers, who dated back to the death of muhammad in 632 C.E. (AD) During the nearly thirteen (13) centuries of rule by the caliph, the empire under the caliphate had been a potent symbol of muslim unity and identity. The disappearance of the caliphate under the assault of foreign invaders was felt throughout the muslim world and continues to be felt to this day.

In fact shortly after the attacks on September 11, 2001 Osama Bin Laden stated that 9/11 was a payback for the  eighty (80) years of suffering of the muslim people since the defeat of the caliphate by the infidels. The payback continues.

Muslims see the defeat of the ottoman empire not as a nation subdivided into religious groups, but as a religious group subdivided into nations, that the muslim community does not recognize to this day. The modern middle east is  a relatively new creation, left over from anglo-french domination. The terrorism of today is simply a continuing jihad to reestablish the caliphate.

Even the names of the so-called muslim countries are artificial to muslims. iraq was a medieval province, with borders very different from those of the modern republic. iran, syria, palestine and libya are names from classical antiquity that have not been used in the region for more than a thousand years before the anglo-french mandates in the early 1920’s. The names algeria and tunisia do not even have corresponding words in arabic.

Anyone who thinks the muslim’s and radical islam are a momentary phenomenon that will go away, is sadly mistaken. The quest for muslim dominance of the entire world continues. Non-muslims ignore this very instructive history at their own peril.

So say Grace.

There will be much more in islam in future Chronicles.

Grace be with you.


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