Thursday, October 20, 2011:

Grace began her visit by addressing the mennonite church:

Grace stated, I am pleased with the edicts of the mennonite church. Mennonites frown on involvement in secular activity, refusing to take oaths, bear arms, vote, or hold public office. Mennonites truly follow Deus Vult and openly practice their individual free will. They hold themselves apart from conventional society, by living in what they call intentional community.

The beauty of the mennonite’s is that they do not concern themselves with conventional religion, proper theology, sacraments or liturgy. Instead the mennonite’s feel they are called to exemplify Godly living. Perhaps, of all the organized religions on earth, the mennonite’s are the purest form of COG’s expressing free will at all times.

The most commonly known sect of the mennonite church is known as the amish. The amish movement within the ranks of the mennonite’s, takes it name from jacob amman, a swiss (bernese) mennonite bishop of the later seventeenth century, who insisted upon a strict adherence to the mennonite faith.

Early amish immigrants to the united states, concentrated in pennsylvania and later spread into ohio, indiana, illinois, nebraska, and eventually moved further west, as well as into canada. Amish COG’s distinguish themselves by strictly adhering to severely plain clothing. They oppose automobiles, telephones, and higher education and are known worldwide as extremely efficient farmers. Many of the amish wear attire using hooks and eyes in place of buttons. Worship is conducted in the home.

Grace stated that in all of the organized religions, she found the mennonite-amish to be the purest form of Deus Vult. It is this group of COG’s who practice free will, without influence of the theology of sin or erroneous belief in divine punishments.

Grace looked at me and gave me “The Smile” and said, you have great love for the amish frederick, I am aware of the respect you have for their beliefs.

I told Grace that was a fact, i had summered in the Ellington, New York area, and had become acquainted with the amish. I became so taken with their simple way of life, that i became deeply involved in their community. I told Grace that i never had given any thought to farming and after watching the beautiful lifestyle of the amish, i came to realize that working forty (40) acres in ellington, was far more superior to life in new york city.

This Chronicle was transcribed two years ago (february 2009). Grace recently (august  2011) told me that she is aware that someone who is very close to me at this time, is also dreaming of forty (40) acres and a mule. Grace expressed the sentiment that this person would get his wish, and that this person should also consider a community that offers the peace of mind and free will that the amish have to offer.

May Grace be with you.


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