Thursday, October 20, 2011:

Grace smiled as she spoke about contemporary logic regarding the L.G.B.T. community, especially on the issue of gay marriage. Grace showed me two symbols. One was a circle with an arrow pointing up to the sky, the other was a circle with a cross under it. These symbols represented man and woman. I have no such symbols on this computer, so I shall use  [^] for man and [+] for woman.

Grace stated that the currently accepted mainstream religious logic of a man [^] and a woman [+] standing nude, next to each other, as being somehow indicative of what nature intended as a natural pairing of COG’s is ridiculous. Deus Vult is a part of all COG’s. Each COG has free will.

Grace spoke of the infinite rule of eight [8], (more on this rule in later Chronicles) and showed me that based upon free will, there are four natural pairings along with singularity. [^] [+] or [+] [+] or [^] [^] or [^] or [+]. Grace says that free will allows for pairings of a man and woman; woman and woman; man and man; or singularity, which means a man alone (masturbation) or a woman alone (masturbation). There is nothing wrong in being alone and practicing singularity. There is nothing wrong in any of the other three pairings. There is nothing wrong in changing you decision regarding singularity or pairings at any time. It’s your decision. Free Will – Deus Vult.

Grace stated that sexuality is a main tenet of Godliness. It’s the main idea of being alive. There is “NO SUCH THING” as “HOMOSEXUALITY”. There is only natural pairing of COG’s, who are exercising their free will.

Marriage is a consensual commitment between any of the pairings, and is not limited to the much argued man and woman pairing. Anyone who hides behind false religious or civil law’s, and thinks otherwise, is a fraud and a fool.

May Grace be with you.


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