Wednesday, October 19, 2011:

In the first five (5) Chronicle’s I have written my exchanges with Grace in a conversational format. In essence a give and take based upon what was said and what I asked of Grace. Future Chronicle’s will be written in a transcript style format, without my take on what was being said. If I feel my commentary would assist the reader, or if an answer was given by Grace to a question I posed, I will report it to you. Otherwise, the primary goal is to set forth what Grace had to say to you, not what I think about it.

Grace asked me, are you ready to carry out Deus Vult? (God’s Will) I said I was ready, but who would ever believe me. Grace gave me “The Smile”. Grace said, it matters not, that anyone believes you. It matters that you believe, and that you fulfill your commitment to redeem yourself by way of the Chronicle’s. You are not out to redeem the world, your only goal is to redeem yourself.

Grace went on to say that what any COG believes is up to the COG’s own free will. Belief in any religious concept like those of heaven and hell are free will concepts. The COG’s conceptualization is based upon the human beings need to conveniently fit everything into an understandable mold. Grace made it clear that religious beliefs that are based on false premises of sin and punishment do no good as there is no such thing as sin and divine punishment. Sin and punishment according to Grace are religious dogma and institutional self interest, created to foster a perpetual need for the religious institution, that is forcing the concepts upon the unsuspecting COG’s, who accept the dogma. Grace stated that the moment the soul enter’s the fetus, free will begins. There is no heaven, there is no hell, there is no sin and no non-earthly punishment.

Grace has only one agenda. Deus Vult. Gods Will. Grace told me that to be effective in her mission for me, I had to overcome my shame of being a convicted criminal. As she spoke Grace played for me a holographic montage of faces some of which I recognized and some of which she narrated the names for. Grace showed me Jesus of Nazareth, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Timothy, Titus, Philemon, James, Peter, Jude, Joshua, Ruth, Samuel, Ezra, Nehemiah, Ester, Job, Solomon, King David, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Moses, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, and many more. Grace explained that these faces were  of COG’s from the past. Not deities, simple everyday COG’s who through their hard work as relaters,(like I myself am now engaged in), had distinguished themselves in Graces eyes. Grace showed me how writings of some of these COG’s are taken out of context, and taken out of historical sequence. I will reveal all of the statements by Grace and Grace’s comments upon the various writing’s in future Chronicle’s.

Grace allowed me to see many people from this century, living and dead. I was privileged to witness the live’s of Dr. Martin Luther King, Rev. T.D. Jakes, Rev. Joel Osteen, Rev. Leroy Albert Mitchell, and others you have never heard of. Grace explained that these COG’s were COG’s who had or are currently acting as relaters on earth. Grace expressed special appreciation for these COG’s and explained that all the deceased have moved on to further service and those still living will achieve much more prominence in this life. I will detail more on the living persons in this paragraph in future Chronicle’s. (Keep in mind I abridge these Chronicle’s for time and space limitations)

Grace spent an extensive amount of time showing me the facts about islam and muhammad. Grace has strong opinions regarding muhammad. If you think it’s the violence of islam that results in Grace’s feelings about islam, you would be mistaken. While the violence is a major concern to Grace, it is islam’s treatment of women, that is the foundational aspect of Graces displeasure. I have notes on over fifty (50) separate Chronicles on various conversations with Grace on the subject of muhammad and islam. I call it the way Grace said it to me. If islamist’s disagree so be it, save you threats for someone who fears you, that’s not my problem.

I have told you previously that Grace does not seek to organize any new religion through these Chronicles. Grace did express the desire that I encourage any COG who so desires to join under the banner of Deus Vult to voice the collective opposition of Grace and her like thinking COG’s, to combat the terror and inhumanity facing women now, (and most especially as Grace points out in the Chronicles), coming to america in the near future, based upon the ill conceived concept of political correctness, regarding the fact that COG’s are ignoring the well documented violence of islam, and exhibiting tolerance for islamic terrorization of women.

Grace told me that COG’s who sit in judgment of other COG’s are themselves COG’s of lesser standing as they pretend to be COG’s of integrity, and are in all actuality offering other COG’s only the appearance of truth. Grace said no COG should ever ask another COG for forgiveness. No COG should ever fear another COG. Grace told me to speak the truth and deliver her words. Grace stated that if only one COG listens and learns, then I will have been successful.

Grace makes it clear that the Bible is not indicative of her words, it is an interpretation by various COG’s throughout  history of what they (the COG’s) perceive Grace t desire. These Chronicles on the other hand are an abridgment of Grace’s words. I am paraphrasing Grace, from notes, I am not reporting Graces words verbatim. Grace pointed out if I report what I think I hear in my Chronicles, imagine what it was like thousands of years ago when there was no pencils, paper, tape recorders or word processors. Everything was written from memory, in most cases written many years later. Does that strike you are a word for word report?

Grace stated that the majority of the written biblical recordings, we utilize today have been filtered hundreds of times over the centuries by human paradigms that depending on the era, and the agenda of the writer, and were founded in fear of false divine punishment. Grace stated that human COG’s walked this planet millions of years ago, long before what we call pre-historic man. She called them anima. Grace stated that as time progressed, and the anima COG’s evolved, current human form took shape. No divine creation. No intelligent design.

Grace stated that casting God in a man’s image was totally in error as man is a subservient being to woman. Not in the sense of being a slave, but in the sense of the chicken and the egg. Man comes from woman. No other way. No adam. No rib. Grace smiled and said even as humans advance, and can plainly see with their sophisticated electronics and medical technologies that all humans start as females, COG’s continue to delude themselves into thinking that God is a man.

Grace expressed concern about what lies ahead. Grace is concerned that based upon free will COG’s will allow themselves to become part of a one world society that will remove all of the free will Grace gave us.

The watch word is free will. If humans do not rise up and object to the current trend being forced upon all COG’s by the elites of this planet, we are heading for a catastrophe of epic proportions.


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