Tuesday, October  18, 2011:

This is a special Chronicle. I had no idea I would ever write a special Chronicle. I thought I would write these Chronicles as they took place, in the sequence I experienced them. That is not to be. I am now aware that there will be special Chronicles, whenever Grace so decides.

Grace, in her infinite wisdom made a decision at 4:15 on Friday afternoon, October 14, 2011, to give me a direct lesson on life. Grace tells me her special gift to me was bestowed as Grace was so pleased that I had finally took the plunge and began writing the Chronicles. The response thus far of over 300 people has made Grace truly excited and extremely happy. Grace decided to show me how excited, pleased and happy she was, by killing me.

As all of you know I am writing from a federal prison in Brooklyn, New York.  At 4:15 on October 14, 2011, Grace decided to reward my good efforts by giving me an ischemic stroke. A blood clot on the brain. In fact three blood clots piggyback, one behind the other. I told Grace I prefer next time that she express her gratitude with pizza and beer, and forego the strokes. She looked at me and gave me “The Smile”.

Two interesting things took place. First, my stroke was ischemic. That means its a blocked pipe, not a blowout. Thus, I am still here. Second, we federal prisoners were engaged in what is called the national count. The federal prison system has hundreds of facilities all over the united states. Everyday at 4:00 P.M. local time there is a national count. Literally what the word means. They count all of the convicts. Nothing interrupts the national count. Nothing moves until the count clears which takes about one hour.  What happened next was truly amazing. I collapsed at 4:15 just as they were counting my unit. At that very moment the nurse came with the insulin cart that is used to shoot up the guys with diabetes. The nurse took one look at me and said get this guy downstairs, now! I thought the guards would say no. That’s what they always say. Not this time. In less than five minutes I was off the unit and sent downstairs. The ambulance pulled up a few minutes later and at  4:45 “before” the count even cleared it’s was lights and siren to Lutheran Hospital in Brooklyn. Lutheran is a level one trauma center. By the time I arrived I was semi-conscious and could not see, speak or move my right side. I was blind, speechless and paralyzed.

The Lutheran staff was top shelf. Immediately I was stabilized and rushed into magnetic imaging. A CAT scan revealed a stroke. But, not enough detail so the doctor ordered a MRI.  The result as I understood it was three blockages, which were piggybacked on each other. It was now 7:30 PM and in my coma I could hear the attending neurologist said there is a four hour time limit window on strokes like mine, and I had one hour to get treated or else. The took me to trauma and treated me with heparin. This is a drug that dissolves blood clots. Within one half hour I was able to see, I could speak and my right side began to respond.

Lutheran does not take convicts as patients. All they do is stabilize and then you get transferred. I was transferred by another ambulance to Metropolitan Medical Center on 96th street, commonly referred to as Harlem Hospital. I came to find out that MMC has one of the best neurological ICU units in the world. The treatment I received was first rate. I was treated the same as any millionaire by a neurology staff second to none. Some of the people were my attending named Dr. LoLo, and a beautiful young doctor named Christine. I cannot thank these people enough. I am especially grateful to the public health nurse at the MDC Brooklyn prison. Without that lady, I would have been in big trouble.

Grace popped into the picture as the ambulance left the MDC Brooklyn prison. Grace said be calm Frederick, all will be well, it is as I planned. As you planned, I asked? Yes, she said. I will not write what I said here, but Grace admonished me that I have a potty mouth. Then she gave me “The Smile”.  Next, Grace said, I am doing this to allow you to see the power of Deus Vult. I asked Grace, is that why the count did not interfere? Grace gave me “That Smile” and said thats what happens, when you have friends in very high places.

What I learned over the next four days is that no-one dies. The body is released for recycling, an the soul then goes on what is called a “Raceway”. Thus, the title of this Chronicle. Off to the Races. I suck at imaginative descriptions, so suffice it to say, it’s like a huge slot car track with souls speeding everywhere. When this body ceases to function your soul goes immediately to another fetus as it originates at conception. Nine months later you are reborn. Everyone. No exceptions. Mother Teresa, Pope Paul II, Hitler, Attila the Hun, Ted Bundy, even George Bush, everybody. Round and round she goes, never stops.

There are no young or old souls as we conceptualize them. Only souls in error (George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Jeb Bush) , souls in reward (Mother Teresa), souls in redemption (Bundy and Hitler, maybe the Bush family goes here also), and souls of new (new life).  Grace said souls of new are the ones she creates to allow for the ever increasing mathematical factor of infinite existence of the universe. The universe  is expanding by the second and so is the number of souls. I asked if that means Bill Clinton has a chance under the  “error” and “redemption” standards, Grace just shook her head and gave me “The Smile”.

Up until this night I had assumed that when you die your soul was immediately reborn, I was wrong, there is a nine month waiting period in the womb. So sue me! Now that you have the idea, let me tell you about dying. It is cool. The last few moments of terrestrial consciousness is like a DVD, in 3D ultra technicolor, times one hundred. What you see is not your life flashing by. You see all of your lives flash by. Vividly.

Grace (who for the first time in all our meetings appeared to me in her real cosmic form) said to me now you know what Dr. Martin Luther King (Grace demanded I capitalize Dr. King herein as she has made him a iCOG which is an influential child of Grace, since reborn and now involved in religion and politics in another land) when he said “I have looked over and seen the promised land”. Dr. King knew Grace, was one of Grace’s relaters and is now working with Grace elsewhere.

When Grace brought me back to this plane she told me that I would also go on to represent her here in this life, and for many rebirths in future millenia. I am now feeling better and back at the prison. Grace loves me. It makes me feel great. Grace is for real my friends, no doubt in my mind. There is hope after all.


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