Thousands of people worldwide have read the contents of this site. Hundreds have written to comment. Overall the majority of you have been very supportive, and for that I thank you. I hope some of you are in my jury pool next year. Most of the comments are about the Chronicles, even though most of the page views are evenly divided between “Is Fox News a U.S. Intelligence Operation” and the “Chronicles”. I track the page view religiously, (no pun intended).
I am pleased by how many of you have no doubt that I am factual in my narrative and feel that my veracity will withstand the scrutiny of an objective investigation, if there ever is one. Obviously, you are all aware that you know only a small portion of the events. Normally, it would be wise for a defendant to hold his cards close to his vest. However, if you read the 5th Chronicle you know that on October 14, 2011 at 4:15 P.M. E.S.T. I suffered a stroke.
I am getting somewhat better, but I have difficulty speaking coherently, keeping my train of thought and reaching back in my memory for facts and events. I can feel inside that I am in trouble. I am afraid. I am hoping that my lawyers find a way to record me for the record, before my total recall and memory is gone, or before I suffer an even greater stroke.
I am hoping I can count on my lawyers, but, having practiced law for over 25 years as you all know, albeit unlicensed, I know what motivates lawyers. Lawyers are motivated by dead presidents, not dead clients. I have two really great attorneys. I believe these guys can win, if they so desire. No matter what, it’s my job to become a squeaky wheel. Like they say in baseball “your only as good as your last at bat”. That said lets get to the point of this story.
I am going to utilize a narrative and question format. As many of you are media people, I use this format to assist you in formulating the questions you need to ask, as the case is extremely complex.
When I was running my law firm in Los Angeles, I handled all the legal work and a slickster named Aaron Binder handled all the financial fund raising. Binder, like myself, was a consummate conman, involved in many financial scams and was the founder of the All American Hamburger Chain, in Southern California. In the early 1980’s one of our projects was to take over a firm called “Kayport Livery”. This was a medium sized limousine company that also did small package delivery, in order to make use of the limo’s during off periods when jobs were scarce.
The firm had been run by two sisters one of whom was Bunny Kay. These were two hottie mega babes, heavily involved in the Southern California party and drug scene. The limo’s were rolling whorehouses and were designed to cover one of the most sophisticated drug distribution operations in Los Angeles. Bunny went a bit beyond propriety and found herself in deep manure, wherein Bunny became the focus of a major narcotics investigation, by the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department. That’s where I came in. I handled the case, it never resulted in an arrest and the Sheriffs deputies ended up on my payroll.
Bunny’s mother a cold hearted bitch named Shirley Kay, an heiress to a pharmaceutical fortune, essentially gave me a mansion to live in and the limo business for free as a legal fee. In fact, Shirley Kay gave me Bunny. I was given the mansion, via a phony long term lease, on the condition that I take over Bunny’s life and control, the “Out of Control” Bunny. Bunny was part of the lease. A mansion and a hot piece of tail to go with it. Would you refuse?
One day two guys show up in my office. These guys start talking about my new dope distribution business. They already knew I had the Los Angeles Sheriffs work as security for the Limo dope operation. They knew, that all of the diploma’s on my ego wall in the office, attesting to my legal education, were real in appearance, yet fake in reality. I thought I was being busted. I was wrong. I was being recruited.
One of the guys was a man named Justin Simon. Simon told me he worked for the Congressional Committee on Energy and Commerce, and was associated with the Sub-Committee on Oversight and Intelligence. Justin told me that they had no interest in closing me down. In fact they wanted to expand the operation, and go from limo’s to jets. Justin told me he worked for Democrat John Dingell. Justin told me that Dingell needed a delivery operation to support black op’s Dingell was involved in, and further support Dingell himself.
This information is detailed in my criminal case. I suggest you read a document called the false allegations of Richard Lunger.(filed in the case, U.S. v. Frederick Celani, Eastern District of New York. Judge Arthur Spatt). I will omit the whole Dingell saga here as you can read it all elsewhere. This narrative is intentionally limited to the Kayport events.
The Kayport operation grew to included jets flying worldwide bringing in tons of narcotics from Columbia and the Golden Triangle. On the ground we had distribution nationwide. We had protection from the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department and S.A.P.D. (Santa Ana Police Department). We landed tons of cocaine and heroin on military bases nationwide. The operation had a hanger in Springfield, Illinois, used to accept cash coming in from around the country. The hanger was guarded by the Springfield Police.
It is here that the plot thickens. Millions of dollars in cash was laundered via the Dillard’s Department Stores, in which a Springfield Illinois mover and shaker named Albert Myers was a large stockholder. Myers, had previously owned the local Dillard’s chain under the name Myers Brothers Department Stores.(This is the same money laundering scenario used in the present Gold and Green criminal case. Many retail outlets nationwide are utilized to launder cash).
Dope was brought into the United States from the Golden Triangle via mortuary connections utilizing “Stuffed Corpses” provided by another Springfield mover and shaker named Buddy Hunter.  Laundered cash went to disgraced Gov. James Thompson, and other Illinois Politico’s. This is no surprise, Springfield, Illinois is known nationally as the rectum of both the national democratic and republican parties, just like Chicago, is the armpit of national election fixing.
The secret to this conspiracy is a man named Harold Baker, who was instrumental in bringing the operation to Springfield, Illinois. Baker was closely connected to Jimmy Carter. Baker had advised the White House and the CIA, and was an intelligence mover and shaker.  Who is Harold Baker you ask?
Harold Baker was the federal judge in my Springfield, Illinois criminal case. Judge Baker is/was a close friend of Albert Myers, Buddy Hunter, James Thompson and Jimmy Carter. Harold Baker was a judge on the “TOP SECRET” FISA Intelligence Court for many years.
Harold Baker, after my faux conviction in Springfield, Illinois, authorized my release from prison to continue working for John Dingell and Justin Simon. These facts are found in the docket sheet, under the motions for secrecy filed by  John Dingell, located in my current criminal case.
If anyone bothers to investigate Harold Baker’s achilles heel(s) become apparent.
Why Did Harold Baker force the writer to defend himself in court and refuse to appoint counsel?
Harold Baker knew the writer was indigent, yet Baker allowed the U.S. Attorney to say otherwise. Surprisingly, once they had a conviction Harold Baker changed his mind and decided the writer was indigent for the purposes of appeal.
A reasonable investigator may ask why did Harold Baker make sure, the writer could only be paroled to Springfield, Illinois. The writer was from Los Angeles, why force the writer back to Springfield, Illinois?
What did Harold Baker have to do with a secret intelligence operation run out of a church in Peoria, Illinois, by Rev. Bob Hunt?
What role did that church play with terrorism investigations at airports in Illinois and Minnesota, prior to 9/11?
If you are an investigative reporter. You know why.
If you desire to speak to me contact my attorney James C. Neville, at


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