Thursday, October 13, 2011:

This is one of my favorite Chronicles as it is about my family. There are many other Chronicles on my family that you will read as time goes by, this is the first. One point I would like to make. I am very grateful for your response. I started posting the Chronicles less than ten (10) days ago and I already have more than 300 responses, from the combined websites. Thank you. The most frequent question you are asking is how does Grace chose a topic to “ask me about” (emphasis added).

Grace does “NOT” chose topics, nor does Grace ask questions. How can God ask a question? God already knows all the questions and answers? Grace decides topics she wishes to use to enlighten all COG’s, and gives voice to her desires through myself and the other relaters she utilizes on Earth. Grace allows me to offer questions, and should Grace so decide, Grace responds. Otherwise she gives me “That Smile” and ignores me. The second most frequent question is on the subject of the soul and what happens when you die. Please read the 5th Chronicle – Off to the Races, for some of the answers to that question. You will be amazed.

Grace is adamant about her desire to impart upon all COG’s the importance of family and the impact of family upon our happiness. Grace asked me when I had been the happiest in my life. I did not hesitate for a moment. My answer was the day my daughter was born. Grace then made me fully explain why I had caused my estranged relationship with my family. I was speechless. If you know me, you know I am seldom speechless. Knowing that Grace demands absolute truth, I began to think about my reasons for the estrangement between myself and my family. Once I had my thoughts collected I told Grace the facts as I recalled them.

I told Grace that I am blessed in the fact that I have a beautiful daughter and a handsome son. I am proud of my two children. That said I have not seen either child in some time. Grace suggested that I intentionally omit the names of my children and their mom from this Chronicle, as I do not wish to cause either my daughter, son or their mom any further embarrassment than I already have. I refer to my daughter, son and mom by their initials only for their protection and to be point specific as to my comments on each.

Grace requested I explain why I had been married so many times. I answered that I was a relationship gadfly of sorts and had married five women over a period of forty (40) years identified herein by their initials as AD; AM; CC; and PH. Four of these women, for a myriad of embarrassing reasons do not warrant a single syllable of comment, so Grace has instructed that I omit them from all of the Chronicles, as Grace does not desire the Chronicles to be used for emotional sniping or embarrassing others. There are many things these four women have to hide, and I will respect their privacy, “unless” (emphasis added) the women themselves desire to engage me at some time in the future, at which point I will react as required. Each of them know what they do not wish aired in public. The choice is theirs to make. My position is one of stimulus versus response. I stand in the gap between stimulus and response and will refrain from comment unless provoked.

I told Grace that the Fifth lady, who was, and shall remain, my last and final wife, was the best choice I had ever made. Her initials are MM. When I met this lady I was amazed by the intelligence, beauty, kindness, sexiness and warmth of this lady. There was a quality about this lady that reminded my of the Billy Joel song, “she has a way about her”. Once I laid eyes on her I could never get her out of my mind. To this very day, decades later I continue to think of her everyday. I regret having caused her all the grief I visited upon her.

I have never apologized to her for the simple fact that saying “sorry” for the mess I created, just does seem like it would even begin to help. Sorry is something you say when you bump into someone in a store, or spill a drink on a friend during dinner. When you turn a persons life totally inside out and upside down, sorry just does feel appropriate. There is no sorry big enough, I understand that.  If I sincerely thought sorry would even begin to help I would say it on my knees. Having said that, at this stage of my life it is all I am able to offer. I am truly sorry and apologize to MM from the bottom of my heart. I am truly sorry and apologize to AE from the bottom of my heart. I am truly sorry and apologize to AS from the bottom of my heart.

Grace expressed the thought that the first four women were negligible. Grace felt I had no desire to stay with any of them. Grace used the analogy of people passing like ships in the night, and Grace observed how we passed in and out of each others lives relatively quickly. None of the first four relationships lasted more than a year, in the emotional sense. Some of the women’s behavior in these relationships were devastating from an emotional standpoint. Adultery, imprisonment, alcoholism, prostitution, abortion, and on and on. My behaviors were just as bad as theirs. These were the issues the ladies and I brought to the relationships, I simply enjoyed the ride and moved on. This may seem callus and cavalier. Having said that I remind the reader I am speaking to Grace. She already knows what I am about and what I will say before I say it. There is no reason to sugar coat anything.

MM was totally different. With the first four women, I had no illusion the relationships would last. I never hinted at desiring longevity with any of them. None of these four women were the type I would desire to father children with. That all changed with MM. When I met the lady she had a son from a previous marriage. JR was a really wonderful young man. I was impressed with JR from the moment his mom introduced me to him. He had just started high school and was the kind of kid anyone would be proud to call their son. There was a thing about this young man that impressed me. He had what I refer to as an old soul. JR in his early teens had the common sense of an adult and a sense of purpose that was inspiring. I recall this young man stating he would become an Aikido expert, and he did. I remember JR as he professed his desire to achieve many goals, which he succeeded in every time.

What impressed me was the fact that MM had succeeded in raising such a great kid. I had a deep longing for children. As I watched the success that MM had with JR, I thought to myself this lady was the one to build a family with. I asked MM to marry me. Surprisingly, and foolishly she agreed. The time I spent with MM was the happiest time in my life. It was the only time I ever had a sense of family and without a doubt the first, and sadly last time I would ever feel loved by anyone, for being myself, and not being a paycheck, or a ticket to adventure.

Our first born was a little girl named AE. This baby girl was a blonde haired moppet that stole her dads heart. The problem was “dad” was in prison, by the time AE was born. The interaction I had with my daughter  was short-lived. While I have had very little opportunity to be with AE, as I was a fugitive for many years. AE was raised in her teen years by her aunt and uncle in California, for which I am grateful to her aunt and uncle, whom I have never met.  I did go to California, frequently to watch AE go to school, graduate, go to the mall and the movies. I never approached her but I did watch her grow. I love her more than I can ever express. I hope she knows that, and maybe someday will give the privilege of knowing her.

My son, AS was actually conceived while I was allegedly in custody. If you look at his birthday and subtract nine months you will see the proof. I will not describe how this was done, as it is part of the story in my present case, and my subsequent travels around the country while working for federal intelligence agencies. Someday I will explain it. I watched my son from a far, the same as I did my Daughter. I am very proud of ASC and amazed at how much we look alike. I wish I could be with my son, but when you are a fugitive the only way you can see your kids is from afar, as the u.s.marshals are always watching the fugitives family, the families homes, mail and internet.

I explained to Grace the deep love I have for my daughter and son. Grace told me she was well aware of my love for my kids, and said that in the future a new opportunity to demonstrate my love, my sorrow for my behavior, my lack of fathering, and all the problems I have caused my children, would present itself. Grace feels that an opportunity exists for demonstrated remorse and contrition on my part, to lead to understanding, and a chance to renew. I hope so.

Grace expressed that she was very shocked by the fact that the United States Government would not allow me to go back to my family, and had forced me to be released in Peoria. Illinois. I was amazed at the opinion expressed by Grace regarding Harold Baker, the federal judge, in my Springfield, Illinois case.

Harold Baker is in Springfield, Illinois. This guy was a close associate of the then Illinois Governor, James Thompson, and close friend of local businessman and political mover and shaker  Albert Myers, Myers girlfriend multimillionaire pharmaceutical heiress Shirley Kay and and local political powerbroker Buddy Hunter. This judge was closely connected to local attorneys John Gray Noll and his father. Grace told me that she knew that the Baker, Thompson, Myers, Kay  Hunter, and Noll families were corrupt either directly or conspiratorially and that Judge Baker had been especially selected for my case, which should have been in Los Angeles, not Springfield Illinois, to make sure I went to prison.

You will read an in depth Chronicle on this subject in the future. Grace said that she knew for a fact that Judge Baker would not appoint a lawyer to help me as he was told by Larry Mackey and Richard Cox the two men who prosecuted the case that I was in possession of damaging information regarding aircraft flights and drugs utilized by the CIA and needed to be silenced. These so-called prosecutors claimed I had millions in hidden cash. I did not, which came out at trial. After the trial ended and it was obvious I had been forced to defend myself and I lost. (See: U.S. v. Celani, 748 F.2d 363)

Mackey and Cox made there careers with lies, perjury and deceit off of the suffering of my family. They are two of the most corrupt prosecutors ever to enter a courtroom. The proof and appeals speak for itself. Even after the conviction, obtained by the perjury of Richard Cox and Larry Mackey in court, it was still not enough for the corrupt Harold Baker and the Myers and Kay families. They needed another pound of flesh and made sure that when I was released from prison, that I was sent to Springfield, Illinois for five years and not allowed to return to my family.

The Springfield injustices destroyed my life and the lives of my family. Grace said that the corrupt forcing of Fred Celani to Springfield, Illinois, when my co-defendant  Aaron Binder was allowed to return home to Los Angeles, never made any sense. Obviously, the King of Corrupt Jurists, Harold Baker was on his knees servicing the Myers family as usual. (The last sentence is my editorial opinion not Grace’s).

These are facts that my family are unaware of until now. I want my children to realize I wanted to come home.  A corrupt federal judge named Harold Baker had other ideas. Judge Harold Baker, Albert Myers, Shirley Kay, Buddy Hunter, Federal Prosecutors Larry Mackey and Richard Cox emotionally raped and molested a little girl and little boy of the life these children could have known.  These people who hold themselves our as faux bastions of integrity are really just lying scum. Thank Grace, for the internet, and for truth, because now the facts will be known and maybe my family will begin to forgive, and permit me an opportunity to prove myself.

I miss my wife, my daughter and son. I hope someday I may have some role in their life. I an truly sorry from the bottom of my heart for the pain I have caused. Grace believes there is a chance, I am  believe in Grace, so may be, just maybe, there is hope.  I know sorry does not help, but sorry, is all I have available to me right now.


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