Note to the reader. As I have stated previously, Grace and I communicate by what I refer to as telepathic – empathic means. The conversations are not verbal. In and for that reason, I intentionally omit quotes from the text. I am not quoting a conversation. I am Chronicling what I perceive is the message that Grace imparts to me. In doing so, I am paraphrasing and abridging what I was told for time and space limitation reasons, as explained in the 1st and 2nd Chronicles.

Grace began the 3rd Chronicle by asking me why I finally had a smile on my face. I told her that I was amazed. For the past  30 months nothing had happened that gave me any hope or encouragement. I was sitting in prison without any means to help myself. I was alone and had no where to turn. Once I decided to start fulfilling my promise to Grace and began to write the Chronicles, everything suddenly began to change for the better.

Suddenly, people appeared out of nowhere to help. James Neville, an attorney who had previously represented me in my case, came to me of his own free will, with news about a man named Barry Minkow. Attorney Neville gave me hope I could finally prove what I was saying. A family member from Buffalo, my cousin Joe, who I had not heard from in fifty years, more than a half century since we were kids, writes me a letter out of the blue, of his own free will, offering kindness and fellowship. Attorney Neville brings in new attorneys and investigators to assist him in my monumental defense effort. I told Grace that my smile was simply a physical thank you to Grace for imparting God’s will (Deus Vult) in my life. I believe with all my heart and soul that the promises made to me by Grace, to help me redeem myself, if I faithfully report the Chronicles has been proven in spades. God exists. Her name is Grace. Of that I have absolutely, positively, no doubt.

Grace began by telling me that the generally accepted ideas of organized religion were rather problematic as Grace is of the opinion many deeply flawed dogmas are inflicted on COG’s from an epistemological point of view. This was only my third conversation with Grace and I had yet to come to grips with the fact that Grace knows what we are all thinking. There is no fooling the lady. Grace gave me that smile of her’s (hereinafter referred to in all of the Chronicles as ” The Smile”) that has a thousand meanings.

Grace and I have thus far had many conversations on organized main stream religions as well as not so organized beliefs. Grace imparted that for the most part she supports every religion. Grace grants all COG’s free will in making choices. It does not matter to Grace if you are catholic, christian, muslim, jewish or worship palm trees. The mere fact that you worship any of the forms that organized religion utilizes to represent Grace is fine with her, as long as the message is not distorted by causing harm to another COG or clothed in false messages such as raising money in her name or erecting huge needless edifices that are the result of your beliefs.

Grace clearly states that what we view as God is not what God really is. God according to Grace is the ultimate intelligence responsible for reality and existence, not the result thereof of that reality and existence. If a COG imparts any human  limitations to God, then the COG is in serious error. What Grace says is this. If you find  a pile of sand, mud, water, and sticks and mix it all together you get a cement like substance that you may use to build shelter. That’s what God is. The provider of the basic means. The COG is then free to do with the means as each COG so pleases. What each individual COG or all COG’s collectively make of the world has nothing to do with Grace and is the result of free will.

The best way to explain it is to consider what Grace refers to as a broken clock. The basic mechanical underpinnings are there to work with. The result  of your work product is your’s and your’s alone. Belief in a divine source manifests itself in a myriad of guises that are interpreted according to your individual free will. Grace is not a person. Grace is the sum total of all collective intelligence in this universe and the many infinite alternative universes far beyond the universe we COG’s inhabit. Grace calls this “the of divinity and infinity” as applied to our individual consciousness. Grace gave me The Smile and stated that divinity is even present in the consciousness of all atheists. Otherwise, why would any atheist argue against a divine presence, if there was no divine presence to argue about?

Grace gives me The Smile and says that if we believe that we are created in the image of God, then it stands to reason that we actually believe in ourselves. Which is exactly what Grace seeks to impart. The self Grace refers to is the free will of each and every COG.  Grace displays her sense of humor by distilling the God of organized religion into one short statement. Grace said the she is amazed COG’s actually buy into a premise that God is a cosmic being in the clouds, who was his own father, and desires you eat his flesh and drink his blood weekly, because a snake enticed a woman, made from a mans rib, to eat an apple. Upon saying this to me, Grace smiled and shook her head.

Grace questions the literal belief by COG’s in the bible. Six days to create the world? Adam and Eve? Cane and Able? Cain speaking to Grace? The sudden appearance of Cain’s wife? Where did Nod come from, that Cane departed to?  If COG’s believe the literal versions of biblical stories, then we are all the resultant offspring of four people. Make sense? Not really. A bit incestuous? Slightly.

Grace takes a rather simple position anyone can understand. Grace is not a jew, christian, muslim, hindu, sikh, mormon or member of any religion. Grace loves the primary focus of what the jews, christians, muslims, sikhs and mormons support in their efforts to bring awareness of God to all COG’s. Grace is disappointed that any secondary focus on towering edifices, collection of money or things of value, threats of damnation, or assets in the millions of dollars are made in her name. Grace calls the raising of lucre in her name the religious-industrial complex, and expresses grave disappointment in such activities being carried out in her name. Grace hopes that all COG’s will eventually take back there contributions to the religious-industrial complex, seize the cash, assets and property and use the money for their own betterment.

Grace takes the position that Jesus Christ was like all the rest of humanity, a child of Grace (COG) and in that frame of reference, was the son of Grace, the same as any male COG is the son of Grace and any female COG is the daughter of Grace. Jesus was a person, not a deity.

Grace expresses concern with the us versus them mentality of major religions. The God of christianity, the allah of islam and the yahweh of judaism are all the same entity, I have come to know as Grace. The fact that the religious-industrial complex seeks to make one God better than another or claim that any one religion is chosen over another is unacceptable to Grace.

Grace  desires a moment in time when all COG’s on this planet realize that each and every soul on earth, at present count, approximately six billion worldwide, is an individual God. Each soul is God! Grace expresses extreme disappointment that the organized religious-industrial complex has set in place a series of rules, dogmas and stories to control all COG’s when in fact no such rules apply based upon the simple understanding of free will.

Grace expresses in her teachings that the organized religious-industrial complex is rapidly on the decline. The new age beliefs we see coming to the forefront worldwide, which teach universal consciousness and free will based upon proper life choices will eventually lead all COG’s to the true meaning of Grace.

Thank you for your interest in this 3rd Chronicle of Grace. May Grace be with you.


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