What would you think if someone said they had a conversation with God?  You would probably think the person needs to be in a padded room.  Then you hear that the person who claims to have met and conversed with God, is a man in prison, awaiting trial, accused of running law firms without a license and having allegedly engaged in nefarious, multi-million dollar stock offerings. The man is referred to on various web sites as a spy and government agent, engaged in surreptitious intelligence activities, and conversely described on other web sites as being a criminal mastermind? Would you think he was crazy? Would you think he was scamming you?

Now, having considered all of the above options, you see the man posts all his information for free on the internet. That pretty much clears up any thoughts of a scam. Obviously, if the Chronicles are posted free on the web, where’s the profit? The man tells you clearly and unequivocally, that he could not care less what you think of him. It’s the message that counts. The man is not posting the Chronicles for your sake. He is posting the Chronicles for his sake. He is doing it because Grace requested he do it, to redeem his own soul, and express his extreme personal remorse for his life choices. His job as he see’s it, is to inform the world about Grace.

The issue is simple. God, who is hereinafter referred to by her chosen name “Grace” chose the man as Grace was of the opinion the man’s soul was redeemable. Grace told the man that she would guide him, and teach him how to achieve Bliss, and live the balance of his life in a manner that he could be proud of, as a Child of Grace (“COG”). Grace explains that there is no such thing’s as sin. There is only free will and free choice. Grace explains in the Chronicles that errors in choice lead to suffering here on earth and intelligent choices lead to Bliss on earth.

My name is Frederick George Celani. I am the man described above. If you wish to know about my exploits simply Google my name or go to http://www.fredcelani.wordpress.com and read about me. I met Grace on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2009. I was walking down East 39th Street, between Third Avenue and Lexington. I had just passed the Mexican Embassy when a lady appeared next to me, walking in step with me. She was fashionably dressed. Elegant in style. About forty to forty five years of age in appearance. Her face was a cross between the beauty of Halle Berry, and elegance of Grace Kelly, with a beautiful Asian cast to her eyes. She was not black, not white, not asian, and appeared to me as if she was a beautiful combination of many ethnicities.

When you meet Grace this is the form she assumes for your own state of mind. I assume that when you see Grace, you alone can view her. I have met Grace publicly and no one else nearby appeared to recognize I was accompanied by Grace. What does Grace really look like? Grace told me that if you close your eyes and rub them really hard, with your fists, that star pattern of bright colored lights that you see is close approximation of what Grace really looks like.

What was most compelling was her smile. In fact, it is her smile more than anything else, that becomes the focal point in all the Chronicles. Grace uses that smile to scold, reward, show happiness, instill warmth and give you the impression she thinks you are either a genius or a moron. It’s one of those smiles that a loving mom gives to her little girl or boy, who at the age of two, claims that she or he is able to fly like wonder woman or superman, and that she or he is a big kid now. You’ve seen the smile I am referring to. Tolerant, full of love, with a modicum of humor in it. Warm and loving all at the same time. Grace will lay the smile on you at any moment. The smile has many messages depending on the conversation or answer. Needless to say Grace has a beautiful face and a lovely smile, I hope all people eventually encounter the sense of wonder, of what might be, that I have, when I see Grace smile. Grace, in my humble opinion is beyond this mere mortal’s ability to adequately describe.

It has now been two years and eight months since I met Grace. Almost one thousand days. I have logged over nine hundred (900) Chronicles. Grace control’s all of our exchanges. I am nothing more than a scribe. My job is to tell you what Grace say’s. We do not talk in the conventional sense. Its more a form of mental telepathy in an empathic listening sense. So far, we have discussed organized religion, children, the soul, world affairs, the evangelical movement, new age beliefs, gay rights, abortion, the beauty of dying,  science, medicine, physics, the universe and politics and problems in 54 countries of the world. (Please note: I intentionally skip capitalization and what may be referred to as proper grammar at times in writing the Chronicles or all words within any given paragraph other than the words “Grace” or “Chronicles” or an edict stated by Grace as I feel any topic, or descriptive phrase describing the folly of mortal man is subservient to the authority of Grace.)

The Chronicles are not about the relater. Occasionally, I will impart whatever Grace has to say about me, or any part of my life that Grace see’s fit in her infinite wisdom to comment on. Grace has shown me many parts of my early life, the abuse I suffered and the crime family I was born into. Grace guided me in removing myself from a recent poor choice when I met her that led to my current state of confinement.

The focus of the Chronicles is Grace, not the relater. My job is simply to spread the word. Once you read a Chronicles the decision to take it’s advice or deny it’s authenticity is your’s and your’s alone. I could not care less what you think of me. It’s the message that count’s not the messenger. I am trying to earn redemption from Grace for my own folly. I am not trying to save you. I am trying to save me. I truly believe that Grace’s promise to help me gain my freedom and rejoin my estranged children will come to pass. (I intentionally omit my children’s names to spare them any more embarrassment and suffering than I have already caused them).

Deus Vult encompasses the Universe as we mortals know it. There are billions of points of light in the infinite according to Grace. The infinite is never ending. The Soul is never ending. There is no afterlife as the soul never dies. Once your incarnation in this realm terminates, you simply return, instantly, as another fetal COG whereupon you are born renewed. Physical death of the body is instantaneously transmitted to another  fetus/body elsewhere. Life goes on. No one dies, they are simply transferred to another life. Grace calls this the beauty of rebirth via the joy of dying.

Each point of light throughout the Universe is part of Grace. Grace imparts that there are many beings in the Universe and that the Infinite is to far reaching in it’s complexity for complete understanding. While COG’s will never know the full meaning of existence, the meaning of life according to Grace is to “Give birth to one’s self”.

Grace speaks in a very direct manner and is a master at using the language. The messages are loud and clear. If you object to a message take it up with Grace, there is nothing I can do for you. You may feel free to contact me at FredCelani@lavabit.com, if you have any questions for Grace or myself.

One of the main themes of what Grace imparts is the meaning of Bliss. Close attention should be given to the sections of the Chronicles devoted to Bliss. Bliss will change your life in way’s you have never imagined. You will discover that the only reason you are alcoholic, addicted, sick, fat, weak, poor, unemployed, unhappy or have any other problem in your life, is because you have not found your Bliss. You will find there is no reason to be sad or to mourn the loss of someone you loved. Bliss is the key.

I believe in Grace with all my heart and soul. I am especially warmed by the name Grace, as it was my natural earth mother’s first name. What you believe is your choice. I am constantly amazed by what Grace teaches. If you follow all of the Chronicles, your life will change for the better, instantly. It is within the Chronicles that you will find your Bliss.

If you have a question for Grace feel free to ask me. I will impart it. I cannot guarantee that Grace will respond. If I do get a response I will send you an email. Otherwise I do not respond to emails, unless you are one of the chosen 30 I am allowed to have on my direct prisoner email system.

Each of the Chronicles cover only one conversation with Grace. As I am in a prison I am limited to posting only three pages per email on what is called trulincs. That requires that I abridge each Chronicle. I am posting  what Grace refers to as the foundational Chronicles, free of charge on the internet. All Chronicles are copyrighted. Grace has instructed me to allow you free use of any Chronicle, in it’s entirety, as long as copyright credit is given in a 3 part format as follows [1] ownership credit to Grace, [2] reporting credit to the relater and [3] the address of the web site location or the name of the publication wherein you located the Chronicle(s) you utilize for your given republication purpose. Grace has a prime directive you may never violate, which is that you “DO NOT” (emphasis added) under any circumstances use the contents of any Chronicle to earn money or raise funds from anyone, in any manner whatsoever.

The 3rd Chronicle is “Grace on Organized Religion”. Enjoy it. Thank you for your time and attention. May Grace be with you.


About Fred Celani

Reg.No: 06691-026 MDC Brooklyn Box 329002 Unit 4 North Brooklyn, NY 11232 FredCelani@Lavabit.com
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