The Chronicles of Grace are a series of hundreds of conversations the author has been privileged to participate in with God. The Chronicles as of this writing (10-10-11) total more than 900 separate conversations. The most fascinating fact is that contrary to most established beliefs, God is not a guy with a Robe and White Beard, living in heaven, with a huge ledger, where he writes down all of your sins. God is in fact a “Woman” (emphasis added). God, as she appears to the author is named Grace.

The Chronicles are all the work product of Grace, (Intentionally always written by the relater with a capital “C”) I am nothing more than the relater. Grace informs me that there have been, are now and will always be numerous relaters on earth. Each of the Chronicles is written on a single subject imparted by Grace during a particular conversation. I do not choose the subjects. The conversations are not verbal, they are best described as telepathic-mental discourse.

The Chronicles cover a range of topics that should be of interest to all. Grace refers to her foundational edicts as Deus Vult. “God’s Will”. Grace commands that the Chronicles be published publicly as advice to those whom Grace refers to as her Children of Grace, (Hereinafter referred to as “COG’s”).

I am not starting any new religion. It is not my job to convince you of anything. All that was requested of me was to impart these Chronicles to you. Your belief or lack thereof is your choice. I could not care less, what you think of me, what is paramount to my personal redemptive efforts, is that I distribute the information.

If you think I am crazy, so be it. If you think this is some sort of a religious scam, think again, there is no cost to view the abridged foundational Chronicles on the internet. So what’s the benefit to me you may ask? Simple. Grace tells me I am a redeemable COG as my soul is basically devoid of evil, and once I adjust my thus far questionable life choices, Grace will guide me in a manner which will lead to a much better existence for me. You will read about me later. Suffice it to say for the moment, that as I write these words, I am in a Federal Prison in Brooklyn, New York.

Grace has a series of rules she desires you be made aware of. One, is that “the farther back you look, the farther forward you will see”. You will be amazed at the stance Grace has on abortion. The position Grace takes on gay marriage and gay relationships will enlighten you. Grace imparts the fact that there is only one race, the human race. Any other differentiation as to facial characteristics or skin color of any COG, is related to ethnicity, not race. Grace comments on over 300 established religions in these Chronicles. You will be amazed when you read her feelings on main stream organized religions. Grace makes it clear that actual history (not the revisionist history taught in most modern societies) is a mirror of the future.

The Chronicles cover wide ranging topics. The universe, soul, self deception, existentialism, literature, music. film, abortion, ecology, global warming, physics, psychology, medicine, birth, death, infinity, childhood, talk radio, diet, creation, history, wars, government, communism, marxism, law, the death penalty, finance, sports, marriage, children, organized religion, new age beliefs, and hundreds of other topics, just to name a few, (the topics are “intentionally” written sans capitalization in the Chronicles, as the divinity of Grace, surpasses the importance of each of the topics).

I have more than nine hundred (900) hand written Chronicles. I am typing them, hunt and peck style, one by one and posting on them web, free, to any enlightened soul who desires to read any or all of the Chronicles. I am available to interact with if you so desire. Yes, I will make requests to Grace on your behalf. No, I have no idea if Grace will respond. In the next Chronicle (The 2nd Chronicle of Grace – God is a Woman) I will tell you more about myself, how to interact with me if you so desire, and give you a sense of what Grace is like, as far as my perception of her is concerned.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Chronicle. May Grace be with you.

This 1st Chronicle and all subsequent Chronicles posted hereafter are copyright (c) 2011 By: GRACE as told to the relater – Frederick George Celani. Abridged Foundational Chronicles are exclusively posted “FREE” of charge at the following web locations: http://www.FredCelani.Wordpress.com and http://www.AlgonquinAwards.com. Please contact the relater via the web site email or at FredCelani@Lavabit.com.


About Fred Celani

Reg.No: 06691-026 MDC Brooklyn Box 329002 Unit 4 North Brooklyn, NY 11232 FredCelani@Lavabit.com
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