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Is FOX NEWS and NEWS CORP a front for U.S. Intelligence operations? Check it out for yourself in this excerpt from  “The Best Politicians Money Can Buy” by: Frederick George Celani. 8/8/1. Condensed from Excerpts from “SEALED” Documents and Conversations between the defendant [author] and defense counsel, in the matter of United States v. Frederick George Celani,  United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, [Central Islip New York Federal Courthouse] Case No: 09-CR-405, the Hon. Arthur D. Spatt presiding.
Note:  The words “The Author”, “My”, “I” or “Me” as used herein refer to Frederick George Celani.
The man stood naked on a hill outside of Tel Aviv. The mans name was Daniel Furman. A short, squat, barrel chested, bear of a man. He was facing the country he hated more than anything in the world, Iran. Dan Furman had spent many years of his life working to defeat the terror of radical political Islam. Furman was of the opinion that all Muslims were not to blame. There was a vast difference between religious Muslims and Radical Political Muslims. Dan Furman had spent many years of his life working for the United Nations [UN] in Bosnia – Herzegovina, trying to help the Bosnian Muslims avert extreme suffering and the well documented ethnic cleansing horrors, that to this day remain a secret seldom spoken of in civilized circles.

Dan Furman was about to embark on the final mission of his life. His lifelong goal of eradicating radical political Islam was underway. The mission was called “OPERATION RAINMAKER” Furman, reportedly had a remarkable background. Various sources said that in addition to his career at the United Nations, Furman had worked for various Israeli Intelligence Agencies for many years.  In his youth Furman worked for the Gadna (a sort of spy in training group for young people) and was later elevated to the role of Kasta (case officer). Numerous federal sources spoke on the condition of anonymity about Furman.
The story was that Furman at times worked for Metsada, in covert operations and was assigned in Bosnia to work for the Kidon, an elite Israeli assassination team. Furman himself told the author that he had worked for many years with the Ha Mossad Le Modiyn Ve La Tafkidim Mayuhadim, commonly referred to as the Mossad (the Israeli CIA). During one conversation the author overheard Furman talking to a UN official and they waxed nostalgically about Furman living on a hill in Israel, where he would always be naked. Due to his spy status no one ever complained. In fact the neighbors affectionately called him the Bohemian.

Operation Rainmaker would be the capstone jewel in Furman’s crown. The problem was how and where to put the plan to work. Furman’s job was to find a legitimate front to cover the plan, the planners and the operation. Furman maintained a cover identity as a lawyer in New York City. New York seemed like a logical place to start. The idea behind Rainmaker was to move tens of millions of dollars to Israel, in order to fund covert operations by what was referred to by Furman, as the Friends of Israel, and the Iranian Parliament in Exile, “IPE” housed in the Department of State in Washington, D.C.

Israel is no different than the United States. There is the established political pecking order and there are the people behind the scenes. In the United States it appears Congress and the Senate, run the show, with meddling from the Marxist White House and our mulatto president. Everyone knows that the special interests run the United States, not the Congress, Senate or Executive Branch. If you have the money, your desires rule. The Congress of the United States is bought and paid for. America ceased to be a republic in the 1930’s with the creation of the Federal Reserve and has now evolved into a corprotocracy (word coined by author).  Government by corporation and special interest. The same exists in Israel. Behind the scenes various powerful Israeli groups run the show. The government has little influence.

Furman told the author that one major problem for Operation Rainmaker was to maintain contact with the powers that be, without leaving a paper trail, so that progress on finding a suitable front could be reported. Furman was well aware that letters, emails and websites were monitored by the NSA. In order to control the Rainmaker operation a unique method of communication would be required. What better was to communicate worldwide, than using a news shows. Why hide? Just broadcast your stories (send your messages) right over the open airwaves, worldwide. It’s called “Hiding in Plain Sight”. To pull it off would require the worldwide new resources of News Corp a.k.a. FOX NEWS, combined with the absolute authority of the United Nations.

One of the many anomalies of everyday life in America, is that the citizens continue to operate under the illusion that they are free. They seriously believe that America is the land of the free and home of the brave. America is in all actuality a place  wherein propaganda runs rampant. A place of feel good emotional statements and pure unadulterated bullshit. The Constitution was eviscerated by the Republicans under Richard Nixon and essentially shredded by every president and congress since then.

The country answers to a Global Elite of less than three hundred (300) people who make the big decisions. If one truly views recent events like the sub-prime mortgage debacle, stock market crash and TARP bailouts, it is quite obvious a small group of corporations and private groups control world finance and politics. Like any group the elites are not always in consensus.

Think about it. If two people ran the whole world, do you think they would agree on everything? What do you think happens when 300 people make the rules? You have 300 opinions. I am not a believer in the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, C.F.R. and other conspiratorial theories. These groups exist, but in my opinion are nothing more than a group of rich people trying to make themselves feel important. I think these groups are all bullshit, designed to keep your eye off the ball, like a three card monte dealer. The one thing I learned in more than 30 years of intelligence work is that as soon as you tell a second person the secret, it is no longer a secret.

My personal feelings were expressed by Janine Wedel, who wrote the best book I have read about the Global Elite. The book is entitled Shadow Elite. It describes the movers and shakers as people you would never suspect. People who are working in think tanks, people who are business consultants, TV pundits, and government advisers and lobbyists. People who have flexible loyalties and answer to the call of the almighty dollar. The people who really run the show are in your face, hiding in plain sight, and are not part of any secret club. Don’t forget, once you tell someone the secret, it is not longer a secret.

If you are aware of what’s really going on in the United States, then you have a good feel for the freedoms you have lost. If not, then I pity you. Running an operation like Rainmaker, is a simple task when the base of operations is in New York City.  The fact that Daniel Furman came to New York City makes a lot of sense when you view the Rainmaker operation from an intelligence standpoint.

At 26 Federal Plaza, in New York City, sits the Jacob Javits Federal Building. The Javits building is the home of the Joint Terrorism Task Force [JTTF] for New York City. In this building there are more than 2000 FBI personnel and 500 officers from other agencies assigned to it’s many joint task forces. These 500 non-FBI personnel come from 44 different local, state and federal agencies, including approximately 130 NYPD detectives as well as agents and analysts from the CIA, NSA, ATF, ICE, TSA, Secret Service, DIA, Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service, U.S. Park Police, U.S. Marshals, Port Authority Police, and even the New York Fire Department. According to the Bureau there are two ways to do things. The bureau way, and the New York way. The New York office is the largest and politically most powerful office in the nation. For years it was the only field office run by an assistant director. All other field offices are run by Special Agents in Charge [SAC’s]. [See: The Threat Matrix, By: Garrett M. Graff, 2011, Little Brown and Company, page 155 – 159].

When Daniel Furman arrived at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, to receive his marching orders about the Rainmaker Operation, it was just a short 10 minute drive downtown, to 26 Federal Plaza to join up with his troops. Upon Furmans arrival at 26 Federal Plaza, Furman was able to take control of an army of people, with guns and badges, which he would lead in Operation Rainmaker.

According to conversations the author had with Furman and the various Federal agents who worked with Furman on operation Rainmaker, Furmans first task was to establish a “cut-out” operation to run Rainmaker from. The idea behind a cut-out is plausible deniability. You pick a mark, set the mark up, then when the operation blows up or comes to an end, you abandon the mark. The mark was this author.

Furman told the author that upon arrival at 26 Federal Plaza he and his brother agents (who Furman called the “Mitzvah Cops” meaning it was a favor for G-d to eradicate Iran) began to look for a cover. The obvious place to look was organized crime. The agents at 26 Federal Plaza had their nose in every type of criminal entity known to man. The Chinese mob, Russian mob, Italian mob, Jewish mob,  Irish mob, Black gangs, Latino gangs, Cuban gangs, Jamaican gangs and the infamous MS-13. You name it, the boys at 26 Federal Plaza knew all about it. The Patriot Act had allowed the Feds and the JTTF to tap, scan, watch, infiltrate and in some cases control the actions of all these gangs. In fact the FBI was running over 1500 criminals as informants from these gangs. [See: Wall Street Journal.  Rogue Informants Imperil Massive U.S. Gang Bust. By: Justin Scheck and John Emshwiller, 2011]

Furman told the author that he had no desire to become involved with gangs as they were virtually uncontrollable. Furman sought a quiet way to do his work. What Furman really desired was something in the legal arena, wherein he could use his expertise as a lawyer as a cover. Many different scenarios were utilized. Furman went to work at one small New York law firm, but his game was discovered and he was asked to leave the firm. Then Furman drove a taxi cab to try to infiltrate the Iranian community that way. None of these ruses were working out.

Furman then told the author that he was informed by JTTF agents assigned from ICE and the Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service [DOS-DSS] that they were looking into a small civil rights law firm called the Freedom Forum of New York City. The Freedom Forum was bringing Russian nationals into the United States on student visa’s in conjunction with the Russian mafia, to work as prostitutes.  Furman was told that the author was running the Freedom Forum.

Furman set up a situation wherein a friend of his named Sara Goldman was able to apply for a job being advertised by the Freedom Forum. From there it was all downhill. Furman was on his way to control of an established law firm, that would give Operation Rainmaker the cover it needed.

It appears that Furman and his JTTF pals vetted the author who was practicing law under the name Sidney Levine. The JTTF was able to ascertain that Sidney Levine had a lot to hide (Court documents show Levine ‘the author’ having used more than 20 alias identities). These guys were so bold as to drive up to the Freedom Forum offices on West 21st street, in an unmarked LTD, with a light bar in the grill and windshield. There were four of them. Three displayed their guns and badges on their belts. Furman was unarmed. Furman essentially told the author that he (Furman) knew all there was to know about the author. Furman made threats about problems existing in Springfield, Illinois, including a new indictment connected to a Civil Rights Church the author owned in Peoria, Illinois. Furman told the author that the author’s son would die and the author’s daughter would be turning two dollar tricks in a Russian whore house, if the author did not cooperate. That thirty (30) minute meeting gave control of the Freedom Forum to Daniel Furman, FOX News, NewsCorp, and the JTTF.

What happened next was something out of the Matrix movie. A team of Feds showed up on the weekend and installed one of the most sophisticated computer systems available. A sophisticated email system was installed that allowed the Feds to make emails look like they came from third parties, when in fact they were manufactured in our offices.

The systems that were installed had the ability to tap into any computer system anywhere in the world. We could hack into any system no matter what the firewall. We could set worms in place that could record every keystroke made on any computer keyboard, anywhere on Earth. Our keylogger software could capture anything, anywhere. We could hook into your email system and every time you sent or received an email we received a copy. If you had a web cam we could turn it on and watch and listen to you. We had connections through Fin-Cen with a program that tracked all your financial transactions ( I intentionally omit the name of the program, but it is named after a high ranking police position.)

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Logic tells you if power is left unchecked, it will be abused. We abused and broke every law and every rule that exists. That’s what the JTTF is all about.

The Freedom Forum became something like Mission Impossible. Furman and the author traveled to Washington D.C. to meet the high ranking federal officials and people from the FOX NEWS network (see” “AJ” below”). We (refers to herein as Furman and the author) traveled all over the metropolitan New York City area. We met with Rabbis, gangsters, Iranian exiles, cops, agents and bankers. We met with people from other intelligence agencies. Furman was loading the place with his people. One of these people was a lawyer named Sara Goldman.

Sara Goldman was a drunk, drug addict and card carrying psycho. Goldman had been in the nuthouse for attempting to kill herself. She was acting as chief counsel of the Freedom Forum under Furman’s control. This woman was so out of control she would go into the ladies room, lay out lines of cocaine and snort herself into oblivion. We would find her on the floor, passed out cold, with her coke bag on the toilet seat, and lines spread out on top the toilet tank. Every time we found her, next to her on the floor was an empty wine bottle.

Goldman knew little about criminal law. She had spent her career working on Rikers Island handling State parole and probation violators. Most times she never showed up for court. When inmates would complain about her lying and not showing up, she would tell them to call her at home. The phone number she gave was that of a funeral home. Eventually, she ended up in a jackpot and brought heat down on the law firm.

A woman named Naomi Goldstein shows up. She is an investigating lawyer with the New York State Supreme Court Inter-departmental Disciplinary Committee. Kind of like internal affairs for lawyers. Naomi Goldstein was a bitch. She demanded hearings at her office. She demanded a meeting with me at my office. When she figured out I was operating a law firm without a license, she said she would shut us down immediately. I told Furman. Furman told me the Feds would take care of it. Furman was right, five (5) years later we were still operating. So much for the power of Naomi Goldstein. Goldstein caused Sara Goldman to be suspended. (note, not disbarred, just suspended).

Furman decides to bring in a lawyer named Alireza Dilmaghani to head the firm as his co-counsel. Dilmaghani came from Iran, via Canada. When Dilmaghani arrives there is a big meeting held in the Tomato restaurant with the three JTTF guys, Furman, Dilmaghani and I. I am told that the operation will now be jointly controlled by Furman and Dilmaghani. Dilmaghani goes on to brag the Feds are in his and his father’s pocket via the Department of State. Once Dilmaghani arrives the whole operation begins to fall apart. Dilmaghani was a pedophile, and avowed racist. Dilmaghani hated Blacks and Hispanics. Many of the cases he handled were Black and Hispanic inmates. Dilmaghani would say “fuck those niggers and low riders, they got what they deserved, let them rot in prison.”  Dilmaghani hated all Muslims. Dilmaghani said “Fuck the Muslims”, and “Islam is a fake religion, run by faggots”. Dilmaghani even went so far as to have rolls of toilet paper created with pictures of Muhammad and Allah on them. Dilmaghani would laugh and say that he enjoys wiping his ass with Mohammed and Allah.

Up until Dilmaghani’s arrival the Freedom Forum had been a harmless little law firm, taking in about $100,000.00 a month. Once Dilmaghani arrived, he wanted to build an empire. Furman and Dilmaghani seemed to be two peas in a pod up until the day Dilmaghani’s father arrived on the scene. Dilmaghani’s father (who as I recall has the same name “Alireza”) seemed to think he was the King of Iran. Both Dilmaghani’s would wax nostalgically about Iran. The elder said he was some kind of cabinet official in the government of the late Shah, Reza Pahlavi. He acted like one. The younger Dilmaghani said his father was an agent of Savak, the secret police who knocked on your door in the middle of the night, and made you disappear forever. The elder Dilmaghani and Furman were like oil and water. They hated each other. The author heard the elder say to his son, “why do you take orders from a fucking Jew”.

Eventually, the friction between the elder Dilmaghani and Furman led to a rip in the fabric of the younger’s relationship with Furman. One fine day a huge argument takes place on the stairway of the Freedom Forum offices. The younger shoves Daniel Furman down the steep stairs.

The younger Dilmaghani was an enigma. He claimed to have never lived in the United States. Yet, he went to Pepperdine in California and attended Brigham Young law school. He claimed to have never lived in New York City. The facts were he had worked for at least two New York City firms before coming to the Freedom Forum. In fact the younger had a condo at the Trump Plaza for a number of years prior to coming to the Freedom Forum. Apparently this is how the younger had met Daniel Furman. There was so much lying going on it was hard to keep score.

Daniel Furman is given an infectious agent and is rushed to a hospital in the Bronx.  The younger Dilmaghani calls me into his office one morning and says, “Daniel Furman is dead”. I had him killed. If you do not do as I tell you to do, you will die next. Later I learned that the younger had a prostitute who worked for the law firm give Daniel Furman some bacteria laced ointment while she was blowing Danny. Danny was woman crazy. If it had a skirt, he chased it. Danny was hot for this young slut. Dan had a self inserted catheter to control a diabetes related pissing problem. He would take the hose out and have the whore suck him off, then she would grease up the hose and put it back. It was the grease that contained the bacteria.
The Feds know this and have ignored it.

Once the younger Dilmaghani arrived meetings were held in various hotels with Iranian nationals as well as at our offices. Dilmaghani eventually moved the offices to a set of fancy suites on Sixth Avenue and 23rd street.  Dilmaghani is now in charge. The Feds act as if they are extremely concerned about Dilmaghani. The feds told me that Dilmagahni hired a guy named Greg DeLorenzo who was there to make porn films. Dilmaghani had a penchant for little boys. Dilmaghani now starts treating the firm as his own personal piggy bank. Dilmaghani pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to his personal creditors. Later on the Feds ignore this fact.

The meetings that Dan Furman had initiated at the United Nations, Dag Hammarskjold plaza on 47th and Second and at the CFR  Building on East 68th street continue as usual. The Rainmaker entity is created and marketed by Dilmaghani and a man named James Conway. Conway designs all the material to be mailed out and even invents a series of fake investors to make the program look busy. It appears the targets were a psychologist who was connected to the the LAPD and LA Sheriff and a Russian Mafia guy in Los Angeles. The author had nothing to do with the LA operation. I never went to LA. I was told to mind my own business.

Day by day the law firm became more and more strange. Dilmaghani would lock himself in his office and shut off the lights. He closed his blinds and insisted everyone call him Hassan. Dilmaghani hired a drunken slut named Tama Davis. This woman was supposed to be a sales manager. She could not find her old wrinkled ass with both hands, if you locked her in a closet. The only thing she ever accomplished was to steal $3,000.00 in petty cash from Dilmaghani. By this time the operation was under pressure due to Dilmaghanis shenanigans and Tama Davis was fired by telling her the office was closing down. This was done to counteract the attempt by Davis to intimidate Dilmaghani into giving Davis 25% of the action. On one occasion Dilmaghani told me that Tama Davis had bragged she did not need a man in her life because she had been engaged in a lifelong lesbian relationship with her daughter, that started when the girl was five (5) and continued to that day. I have no idea if Dilmaghani was telling the truth, or just hated Davis. This was all recorded on the office camera system.

Dilmaghani suddenly announces he is getting married, so he can get a green card. I was shocked. He marries a young girl, who works in the office and is the sister of the woman who murdered Daniel Furman. This young kid gets a new ford SUV and $35,000.00 in cash to marry this guy.

Dilmaghani then hires the Kolken law firm in Buffalo New York to get him admitted for a green card  with documents that were replete with lies and half truths. Rainmaker was designed to be a cover for money moving to Israel and Iran to overthrow the theocracy. The guise was establishing Jewish elder care homes. That way Jewish supporters could contribute money to stop Iran and no one would care.

Dilmaghani had operatives from Canada and the United States who were Asian, Russian and Iranian who brought in devices that could alter fingerprints in any airport entry system. If Osama ben Laden came through Kennedy and scanned his prints they would reveal him to be the Pope. That’s how easy it was. Airport security worldwide is a complete joke. All of these issues regarding the fingerprint and retina scanners are established in lawsuits designed to gain ownership of these systems. Everything I state here is easy to verify, if you have a computer with a PACER account for federal courts.

Dilmaghani went so far as to provide his staff whores a mansion with a walk in safe in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, where millions of dollars and drugs were kept. Dilmaghani leased a luxury Condo in Fort Lee, New Jersey and other luxury residences in Manhattan.

The author was making trips to Washington D.C. weekly taking millions of dollars to agents at the World Bank, IMF and Dar El Hijar mosque in Falls Church, Virginia. Dilmaghani had utilized his associates in Toronto, to expand Rainmaker to Texas and California via the Freedom Forum and other law firms in New York and Canada. The total take sent to Iran and Israel was over $120 million dollars.  The situation grew beyond Dilmaghani’s control and the California portion of the operation brought scrutiny from another FBI sting team operated by a man named Barry Minkow.

Minkow was a rather famous criminal who had served years in prison. Minkow was a conman, scammer who had operated a firm called Z-Best carpet cleaning. After leaving prison Minkow claimed to have found God and went to work for a Church in Southern California.  A simple Google search will reveal Minkow burglarized his own church. Minkow had started a firm called the Fraud Discovery Institute. (FDI) It appears he named his firm the “FDI” so it could work for the “FBI”. Today Minkow is back in prison. Minkow had worked for years with the FBI as what the FBI calls a “Confidential Human Resource” (a.k.a. rat). The FBI allowed Minkow to investigate firms the Feds had an interest in. The Minkow would issue reports that stated the firms were scams. Many of these firms were public entities. The FBI knew that before Minkow issued any report that Minkow would short the stock of the public firm and then make money by driving the stock down. Minkow’s main master at the FBI is an agent named Mathew Galiotto. The author’s handlers claim Galiotto was Minkow’s partner and made big money by controlling Minkow.

The author made one of his regular trips to Washington D.C. to deliver cash and is told to report to the federal team in Williamsburg, Virginia for a meeting. The author is told that the Rainmaker operation was doing very well, but that the New York City – Dilmaghani portion needed to be reworked. The reasoning given to the author was that Dilmaghani had harmed too many children and one child was now missing. The JTTF wanted the operation moved to Washington D.C. to allow greater control.

During the meeting in Williamsburg, the author became embroiled in an argument and shoving match with the JTTF handlers, as the author had no desire to move to DC and certainly did not wish to live under the watchful eye of any federal agents. The result was a back injury that required a trip to a local Williamsburg medical facility for treatment. The proof of this is available at the medical facility.

The federal handlers told the author that there would be a raid on the New York City office in six weeks. The author was told to have everyone out of the office and to be there alone. The author was told not to worry as the lead agent, Mathew Galiotto would make sure the author left the scene without a  problem. Galiotto did as he was told and let the author leave during the raid. The author is on his way back to New York from Williamsburg, when a call comes in on the author’s cell phone. Dilmaghani is screaming over the phone that he just received a call from one of the Fox News operatives assigned to assist Daniel Furman at the New York Post that there is a rumor that Barry Minkow’s FDI was investigating Dilmaghani. The next day a story appears in the New York Post accusing Dilmaghani of fraud.

Keep in mind during all this drama the First Department Disciplinary Committee is allowing the law firm to continue operation. Naomi Goldstein continues to look the other way. She never explains the reason she allowed hundreds of New Yorkers to become Dilmaghani’s victims. Additionally during the next three weeks the Feds came and removed all the computer programming and email systems and evidence in the office.

During the meeting in Williamsburg the federal handlers told the author why the New York operation needed to be reconfigured.  The author was told that Dilmaghani’s father was concerned about his pervert son’s behavior and a twink (young male over 18) that was missing. The twink disappeared from the Dilmaghani residence in Trump Plaza. The author was told that Dilmaghanis father would handle all the problems as the elder Dilmaghani had extensive connections to the Bush administration. There were high level connections between the Dilmaghani and Pahlavi families and both of the former Bush presidents regarding the oil and mineral interest being promised to the Bush clan and their oil interests once the Iranian theocracy was overthrown (Simply look at the current events in the news to see the logic of all these claims). In fact, the author was told that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had been a board member of Exxon and was tied to the Pahlavi/Dilmaghani clans.

The author was told by the Feds that Dilmaghani was out of control. There were various reports of young boys being harmed by Dilmaghani. There was a report that one “twink” was missing. Dilmaghanis father had extensive ties in the State Department via the Iranian Parliament in Exile (IPE) and wanted to make sure nothing happen to his son. The Feds wanted to move the operation to Washington DC. The funding of the operation was fine, it was the younger Dilmaghani causing the problems. The younger Dilmaghani would have a peripheral role in the continuing operation but was to be eventually phased out. (Medical records exist in New York City wherein Dilmaghani needed a severely injured a young boys to be treated by a doctor for injuries to the little boy’s penis).

Keep in mind the Feds already have 1500 criminals running similar intelligence operations.The unusual part, is that in this case, when the author informs the U.S. District Court that he (the author) is a government contractor, the court sticks its head in the sand. This is in light of the fact that the authors criminal case (see introductory paragraph first page) itself, is allegedly put together for the FBI by conman Barry Minkow, who is an ex-convict, conman, government contractor. What the Feds want everyone to believe is that Barry Minkow and 1500 other criminals work for the FBI, but not Fred Celani. Make sense to you?

The problem with the authors criminal case is every fact stated by the FBI does not check out. Number one: The FBI claims conman Barry Minkow made the case for them. The FBI says Minkow discovered the fraud. The facts are there was no fraud for Minkow to Discover. The alleged “victim” Minkow was working for, had received all her funds back in full. The facts were that another scammer who worked for Dilmaghani, named Tama Davis created a story for Minkow based upon her anger with Dilmaghani. Tama Davis had run a huge time share condo project in Manhattan. Dilmaghani brought her in for reasons unknown to the author. Davis and I hated each other from the moment we met. Dilmaghani came to see the author and stated that Davis told him she wanted 25% of Rainmaker of she would destroy him. This con-women told Dilmaghani that she had a friend named Barry Minkow who could ruin anyone. Davis claimed she and Minkow met when Minkow investigated her previous Hotel/Condo scam. There are tapes of all these meetings, if someone can pry them out of the Feds hands, assuming they still exist. Fortunately, I have some of the emails Tama Davis sent which prove the claims made herein. It was Davis’s harping that caused Dilmaghani to fear the scrutiny of New York investigators who where looking for the missing boy. It ends up there was a snuff film made with Dilmaghani and the “twink” boy by Dilmaghanis own personal pornographer, Gregg DeLorenzo. The author saw the film, which was remove by the JTTF when they cleaned out the offices prior to the raid.

The FBI was trying to keep a lid on Dilmaghani’s child molestation and porn operation, to preserve the intelligence windfall coming from Rainmaker. The author was told by the Feds that Rainmaker had provided more intelligence for the JTTF in New York than any other operation being conducted by the JTTF. Various operations in the Rainmaker operation, infiltrated various criminal groups in the community as well as prisons on a national basis, and criminal groups worldwide. Simple to understand, just follow the money.

The operation in New York is quietly phased out and Dilmaghani’s criminal acts against children are covered up. Dilmaghani keeps a narrowly defined role but is essentially pushed to the side by his father. Dilmaghani’s father continues his control over the operation in Washington. The Washington DC operation was under the total control of the Feds. The video and audio tapes from the office have disappeared. The Tama Davis tapes have disappeared. There are dozens of disks with Dilmaghani, Tama Davis, Greg DeLorenzo, and even the author, completely naked in all his glory, having sex with one of the female whores who worked for Dilmaghani at the law office. The FBI has conveniently lost all the tapes taken from Gregg DeLorenzo’s office computer and the author’s office computer, as they show the JTTF on site, which the FBI will never be able to explain. Many video tapes exist in the Washington DC phase of the case, which the FBI has withheld. The FBI will try to use the tapes to create new cases in the future.

The first thing was that the State Department wanted full control over the operation. The author was told that there would be no more public comments like the ones Dilmaghani the younger had made about Niggers, Beaners, Muslim Toilet paper and wiping your ass with Allah. To exert full control the author was forced to live in a State Department leased condo in Falls Church Virginia. Failure to agree would mean the author’s arrest. The property was owned by an ex-army officer and was used by State Department personnel who moved up and back between Washington DC and the Middle East. (simple to check out. Just go there and ask the owner and the neighbors. The author and State Department operatives in the same condo! Coincidence?).

Numerous meetings were held at the Dar El Hijar mosque on Row Street in Falls Church. This is the terrorist mosque where the hijackers and Jihad people hang out. What amazed the author was the fact that while the place was held out to be a Muslim mosque, the only people I met with there were U.S. Army officers from the Pentagon. The author is of the opinion that the Dar El Hijar mosque is a CIA – State Department Intelligence front.

The Toronto crews and New York, California and Texas crews continued to shovel cash into DC. Approximately $120 million dollars were sent to DC and moved by the author to the World Bank, Fox News and IMF pass-through operatives. The Feds assigned 11 agents to work the operation in DC. The operation was run out of a new law firm called the Butler Law Firm.

Message traffic picked up considerably and the author was given a new alias “Anthony Andolino”. In order to move the high volume of message traffic worldwide the JTTF set up a radio show on a Fox News Affiliate. The show was called “Justice for All with your host Tony Andolino”. These shows are still on YouTube. The show was broadcast from WMET-AM in DC. The show was utilized to pass message traffic in the worldwide Muslim community via the 50,000 watt station and the stations internet site which replayed the shows around the clock, worldwide.

Fox News assigned a man called “AJ” (name intentionally withheld – will provide to serious investigative inquiries). AJ had been around from the beginning of Rainmaker, in a peripheral advisory role. At this stage “AJ” takes control of the DC operation’s communications section. Fox News was under the control of the White House, State Department and FBI.

The operation continued for a couple years and eventually came back to New York City as the funding sources were dealing in so much cash that a new way of moving the money had to be created. The author is ordered to created G2PEG and establish department stores that were fronts for a massive internet laundering operation. Think about it. If you need to launder millions in cash, you set up fully stocked department stores. The only thing is selling goods in the stores is unimportant. The important fact is internet cash accounts via websites purchases wherein millions of dollars can be moved anywhere with the click of a mouse. The Asian clothing operatives from Canada and overseas established clothing sites worldwide to launder cash.

This is a case that has creates more questions than answers. Why did the FBI agent in this case (Mathew Galiotto) use a conman ex-con (Barry Minkow) to make this case? Why did Naomi Goldstein allow the law firm in New York to operate for years, even though she knew the author ran the firm and did not have a license to practice law? Why did Naomi Goldstein continue to allow Dilmaghani to practice law for more than 6 years when she knew he was unfit? Who is Dilmaghani’s father?
The authors indictment refers only to New York City events and omits all of the Washington DC events, why? Why are the Feds hiding the fact of the State Department safe house in Falls Church? Why are the Feds hiding the actions of FOX News? Why are the Feds hiding the use of more that 10 federal agents in the Washington DC law firm office? The Feds know that all of these agents are on video surveillance tapes.

The Judge in the authors case, Arthur Spatt is allowing the government to cover up agents crimes. Why? When Mathew Galiotto the FBI agent in the case seized all of the New York law firms funds, hundreds of thousands of dollars that belonged to Black and Latino inmate clients and their families was given to the Rainmaker Investors. Why? Why is Judge Spatt, the  judge in the authors criminal case allowing the Feds to obstruct justice in all the inmate client cases.

Judge Spatt has numerous documents which show the State Department and JTTF ran Operation Rainmaker. Spatt’s law clerk, is the daughter of the attorney who handled Barry Minkows recent criminal case. Coincidence?

These facts raise two questions. When the FBI raided the law firm office, why did FBI agent Galliotto let the author walk out? Why did the FBI blame Dilmaghani the younger for all the crimes in the governments RAINMAKER civil case in Los Angeles, while totally switching the focus in the New York Case and blaming the author? Make sense to you?

It is difficult to describe ten years of covert intelligence actions in a few pages. Serious investigative inquiries are urged to contact the author or the authors attorney as set forth below. Interested parties may go to the YouTube web site and listen to the “Justice for All” radio show, with Tony Andolino, and experience your own epiphany moment.

The author is available by writing:  Frederick Celani, Prisoner No: 06691-026, MDC Brooklyn, P.O. Box 329002, Unit 4 North, Brooklyn, NY 11232 or by emailing or the authors defense attorney James C. Neville, Esq, Port Washington NY at

Feel free to ask any question. Fox News is guilty of a lot more than tapping into emails or phone messages.

Photo credit: by dxrctman


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Reg.No: 06691-026 MDC Brooklyn Box 329002 Unit 4 North Brooklyn, NY 11232
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