Is Fox News an U.S. Intelligence Agency ?

    During the September 11, 2001 terrorist bombing, of the World Trade Center, a medium size New York City law firm, named the Freedom Forum, was operating one of the most sophisticated intelligence operations to ever infiltrate the Middle East. The operation moved more than $100 Million Dollars to Iranian dissidents who were determined to overthrow the theocracy in Iran.
The lead attorney at the clandestine Freedom Forum law firm was a man named Frederick Celani. Mr. Celani had operated many law firms in California and New York City. In fact in court papers filed early in 2011, it is shown that Mr. Celani actually used 16 alias while working for the Federal Government. It was later shown that Mr. Celani was not licensed to practice law, even though Mr. Celani had handled hundreds of cases, coast to coast. Internet searches on Mr. Celani showed that he was 63 years old, with an extensive career in the intelligence business spanning more than 25 years. Mr. Celani was an operative of the Congressional Committee of Energy and Commerce, at the time chaired by John Dingell (D) Michigan. Mr. Celani worked for the committees, sub-committee on oversight and investigation.
The intelligence operation was managed by a man named Daniel Furman. Furman was another attorney at the Freedom Forum. Furman had essentially arrived one afternoon in an undercover police car, with three agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force [JTTF], and walked into the Freedom Forum. In less than an hour Daniel Furman was running the Freedom Forum, and the JTTF had a new cutout operation in the War on Terror. This was accomplished by informing Fred Celani that Celani’s son and daughter would be killed if Celani did not cooperate, and by the federal agents telling Celani he would be indicted in Illinois.
Daniel Furman was an Israeli intelligence officer, working for Mossad and the United Nations. Furman’s tenure at the United Nations was in Bosnia-Herzogovina. Daniel Furman was the man who brought the ethnic cleansing in Bosnia to an abrupt halt and was instrumental in Muslim genocide investigations and cover-ups.
The plan was to utilize a cover to purchase nursing homes worldwide wherein Israelis could retire. This required Furman to recruit a second attorney named Alireza Dilmaghani. This Canadian citizen was also a New York state licensed attorney (though disbarred in 2010). The plan was hatched between Furman and operatives of the Department of State through an organization called the Iranian Parliament in Exile, which is based in the Department of State. Dilmaghani’s father, who is also named Alireza, claimed to be a former official in the government of Shah Reza Palavi.
The operation grew to a point wherein Israeli and Russian gangsters were laundering millions of dollars through the operation and the money was diverted in Israel with a portion going to Israeli banks and the balance being used to defeat Iran. The internal struggle for control of the millions in funds led to the murder of Daniel Furman by an operative connected to Alireza Dilmaghani.
The money was moved through the World Bank and the infamous IMF led by Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The IMF is an UN agency closely connected to Furman and the Department of State. The person who controlled the movement of the funds was a FOX News correspondent with the initials “AJ”. Fox News and News Corp became so deeply involved that FOX NEWS provided for a Legal Talk Radio Show in Washington DC called JUSTICE FOR ALL. The shows host was a lawyer named Tony Andolino. Years later it would be shown that Tony Andolino was the infamous Frederick Celani who ran the Freedom Forum. The shows can be found on YouTube under “JUSTICE FOR ALL with your host Tony Andolino”.
These radio shows were broadcast on WMET-AM in Washington DC. The shows were controlled by more than ten (10) federal agents assigned to supervise Andolino/Celani in Washington. Fox News spread the word to operatives of the intelligence groups worldwide under the guise of the Legal Talk Show.
When Barack Obama was elected the covert operation that Frederick Celani was involved with was closed by State Department and soon afterwards Celani was arrested for Ponzi Scheme. Celani was told that Hillary Clinton said that Israel would soon be wiped from the face of the Earth, and that she had no desire to support any operation that was designed to protect Israel.
That brings us back to the first question of this story. Is Fox News a U.S. Intelligence Agency? Take a look at the legal documents elsewhere on this site and decide for yourself.

More about Fox News and News Corp

Legal Document: Request for Discovery

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  1. Brian Richard Simon says:

    After you (Frederick Celani)

  2. Brian Richard Simon says:

    I hope you have not forgotten my mother who had left me to the entitlement to my home at 402 Beach 134th street Belle Harbor N.Y. 11694. Since you had absconded the financial value of my home. I am requesting that you remit at least the promised payment.

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